Light the World Day 10

Jesus Helped People to Walk Some ideas. Donate your old crutches, wheel chairs, or walkers to a group that refurbishes them. Plan an activity for

Light the World Day 9

Jesus Visited the Lonely  Some ideas. Visit a nursing home. Invite a widow or widower to dinner. Identify someone that will be alone for Christmas.

Light the World 8

Jesus Prayed for Others Some ideas. Think about a friend that’s going through some rough challenges. Say a prayer for them. Ask God how you

Light the World Day 7

Jesus Fed the Hungry Some ideas. Donate non-perishable items to a local food bank. Invite a neighbour on a tight budget to dinner. Learn about

Light the World Day 6

I wanted to ‘light’ your mind with a really fun free motion quilting pattern. I have challenged myself to #lighttheworld every day as a lead

Light the World Day 5

Jesus Healed the Sick and So Can You Some Ideas. Sign up to be an organ donor. Give blood at your local blood bank. Resolve