the beginning

I started making money quilting on my sit down sewing machine at my kitchen table.

My work is dedicated to embracing the rich tradition of quilting while  bringing new beauty to each stitch in the fabric.

Ever since I was a little girl I wanted to be a teacher and a mom. After teaching in the elementary school room for almost a decade, I jumped in with two feet to raise my incredible 4 sons and 1 daughter.

Now that all my kids are in school full time I am using my teaching expertise to design courses and teach quilters how to obtain and perfect their free motion skills.

Guiding long arm quilters to create rewarding and fulfilling businesses through coaching and courses is how I contribute.

the details

How this all came to be

Satisfied Clients
Years of Experience
Completed Quilts

It began with with two small steps. 

The first classes

I started to quilt for clients on my sit-down machine. I designed and taught two quilt making classes at my local quilt shop. My students requested that I quilt their quilts the same way that I had quilted them myself. After I had finished quilting those quilts, they started to bring me more quilts, and the demand for my skills grew.

what happened next

Little did I know that teaching those two classes in 2014 would lead me to a thriving long arm business in 2015. After going through boxes of spray baste, I finally invested in a time-saving long arm machine. After a move due to a work transfer in 2017, I established another successful long arm business using the same strategies from my first.

Now I teach other quilters how I built two successful businesses from the ground up.  

now you know

Want to know how I did it?

Now, in addition to providing premium quilting services, I teach other long arm quilting business owners how I built my businesses so they can build their own. Click below to find out more.