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How do you want to feel in your skin? How different would your life be if you loved being you?

Do you ever allow yourself to daydream about how your life would be different if you loved being you?  That you were living your best life?

In my early 40’s I thought that my life was destined to carrying the extra 30 pounds around and never really being able to truly love my life as I would always be in a state of deprivation. 

Not only did I learn how to lose weight without deprivation, but I lost 20 more pounds that I thought was possible. I never imagined that I could be this weight AND have the loving relationship that I have with myself.  I thought I was broken.  I thought the boat of ‘being comfortable in my own skin’ had sailed. Not true my friends.  It is not too late for you either.


How you can work with me

Love Yourself Thin Lifetime Membership

Weight loss is not counting calories, or steps, or even exercising. It is achieved with your mind. Learn the fundamental tools that create weight loss so you can take the weight off and keep it off. Just like when you master the quilting fundamentals you can make as many quilts as you want. Use whatever fabric you want. Create any pattern you want. Because when you have the basics you are free to create whatever your heart desires. Learn the fundamentals and create whatever body you want.

"I am thrilled to report that I lost 40 pounds over the past 6 month."

“I admit, I was slightly skeptical that I would come this far but with your guidance it was easy and so sensible.  And I have to say it was very freeing.  I have tried everything to lose weight but as importantly to keep the weight off.  I learned so much over this 6 months, I have learned to trust myself, and I have gained the confidence to succeed with my next goal of losing an additional 20 pounds all by following my own protocol.  I feel great and the results are undeniable, no more risk of diabetes and no more pausing when I walk up hills all proving how much the extra weight was holding me back and leading me towards significant health issues.  I had almost given up, resigned to being what is medically defined as obese!  Looking good is motivating but staying healthy is critical as I head towards my 70’s.  All the components I have learned from you worked – creating a protocol that works for me, planning ahead, planning a joy eat, drinking enough water, no snacking and understanding how my thoughts impact my results.  It is about more than losing weight.  Thank you and much success with your business.” 


— Michelle

"You can do it too."

“I was very overweight. I was almost 200 pounds and stagnant and fibromyalgia was hurting and decided I needed some help. I have now lost 50 pounds! I am feeling better, I don’t hurt from the fibromyalgia anymore, I have a different outlook about how I lost the weight and how I eat. Food is not the focal point anymore. I pay attention to my body and stop when I am full. It was just mentally turning me around so that I could understand why I was eating so much. 

I really didn’t think I could do it. I thought I was going to try again and fail. You learn that you can do it. You just have to pay attention to your body and your mind. You can do it.”

— Jeannie

"You deserve it!"

“You need to sign up for this! You need to learn the process that Dara teaches and she makes it very clear. She teaches you the weight loss science and how you think about things. I would say just go for it! It is so worth it for yourself. You deserve it.

The biggest takeaway I had was that while I lost some weight, I had some deeper issues that I needed to look at and solve first. It really made me aware that I need to look at this stuff and get this all taken of and understanding and working through. Then I can deal much easier with losing some weight.”

— Jodi

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