Light the World Day 13

Jesus Showed Humility  Some ideas: share an experience with loved ones about a time you had to rely on God’s help. No matter your age,

Light the World Day 12

Jesus Taught Others  Ideas: Share your favourite teaching or story of Jesus on social media. Pass down something that you learned from your parents or

Light the World Day 11

Jesus Ministered to Children Some ideas. Ask your children what they think you should pray about as a family. As a Christmas gift, purchase a

Light the World Day 10

Jesus Helped People to Walk Some ideas. Donate your old crutches, wheel chairs, or walkers to a group that refurbishes them. Plan an activity for

Light the World Day 9

Jesus Visited the Lonely  Some ideas. Visit a nursing home. Invite a widow or widower to dinner. Identify someone that will be alone for Christmas.

Light the World 8

Jesus Prayed for Others Some ideas. Think about a friend that’s going through some rough challenges. Say a prayer for them. Ask God how you