Doodle Series Incorporating Leaves

‘Overwhelmed’ was how I used to feel about this kind of quilting.

So many ideas. 
So many ideas. 

I had no idea how the quilter could transition from one design to another.

I like order and structure. How did they know it would all fit together?

I was looking at the process in a linear structured way, rather than looking at the design as being a collection of designs that compliment each other, not compete.

My biggest suggestion is to just go for it.

1.Study the elements of the design. I teach a beginner and intermediate free motion quilting class that helps to understand the elements that go into creating the designs.

2. Practice. There are lots of ways to practice. Experiment with pens and paper, dry erase markers and white boards, grid paper and plain. 

3. Commit. To become successful at anything one must put in the effort. I look back at some of my first quilts and cringe, I mean smile. I can see how far I have come. I love the progress I make and I know its only because I have committed to it and put in the time.

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