8 Inch Challenge Continued

In September I toke a colour values class from Cheryl Arkison This class challenged me to not be so ‘match-matchy’ all the time. I pulled fabric from my stash that I would never have put together. But using the concept of colour value I was able to come up with a scrappy quilt that looked pretty good but did not use my ‘normal’ piecing method. 

I just love Cheryl’s green pants and blue sandals!

When looking at the fabric through a different lense and focusing on its value, there is another level of contrast and fabric placement that achieves another look. I am using this approach for my 8 inch challenge.

I haven’t finished this project yet, so I am unable to show you the finished product, however the objective is met through this picture. By only looking at the value of the fabric one is able to achieve this look.

Remember these lovelies? I have 18 fabrics. I used the method of looking at each piece through the value rather than the colour.

So my challenge is to place all your 8 inch squares out and take a pic with mono/grey scale/ black and white and put them in their values rather than pairing with colour, i.e pink with yellow and see how that goes. 

I did it yesterday and am anxious to see how they turn out. Hopefully I will have a chance to start sewing them today. Wish me luck. Also, I would love to see your yummy fabrics and your progress.

My little guy is excited to see yours too!


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