5 Time-Saving Strategies for Long Arm Quilters

Want to get more quilting done in less time? I’ve built two successful quilting businesses from the ground up, and I’ve learned efficiency is a must. Click below for my top 5 time-saving strategies. 


Want to lose Weight and not the Joy over the Holidays?

Join me for my 6 part series of how to have the merriest of holidays during Covid without gaining any more weight and even taking some off!!

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meet dara

I’m an elementary school teacher turned long arm quilter and life coach specializing in weight loss

You will find Dara spending a lot of her day helping fellow quilters lose weight and create more joy in their lives as she uses her life coaching skills to help them.  Not only does Dara liberate your free motion quilting skills but liberates your mind to create what you truly want.  Dara is also the president of the perfection recovery program!  If you find that you fall into the procrastinate, perfectionism and people pleasing trap – I totally get you and know how to help you 100%.

Dara is a certified life coach through the Life Coach School where she has her specialization in weight loss.



Here’s how you can work with me

One-on-one coaching

I offer customized coaching sessions tailored to meet your specific needs exactly when you need them.

Group coaching

Find support and guidance in a group setting over a 12 week period to meet your goals.

I empower quilters to help them create the life they really want.


Hone Your Free Motion Quilting Skills

Free motion quilting piano keys

The first video in a 5 part series about how to free motion quilt piano keys quickly and easily.

Client corner

This is a first hand look at me sharing some of my personal clients quilts and how I decided to free motion quilt them.

Basting, E’s and L’s and Loops

This is a video that demonstrates how I baste my quilts on my Gammill Long Arm.