Day 6- Dara’s Life Liberated Challenge

How was day 5? What came up for you in doing the quiz?

Today’s liberating concept is so full of love. It is how self-compassion and self love helps us to become free of all of the self doubt and spinning that holds us back.

What does self-love and self-compassion look like?

This is not translate in days at the spa. Self love can be very simple. Here are some easy examples: 

-look in the mirror and tell yourself something you love about you 

-go phone a great friend and connect with them

-go for a leisurely walk and take in the nature

-sit in a car with a warm seat with your favourite music.

How do you practice self-love?

Writing Challenge

If you have a smart phone or simply an alarm clock, set your alarm to the same time every day. Let’s say 11:00. At the same time four days in a row, give yourself love.

What will that self-love look like?

Will you look in the mirror and tell yourself a few things that you are proud of. Be specific: “I am so proud of myself for taking time for myself in working on improving my mind”. Here is another example, “You are working so hard today, lets take 10 min away from your work and go sing your 2 favourite songs as loud as you can”.

Another question that I want to ask you is: 

If you had a friend that spoke to you the same way you speak to yourself, how long would you allow that person to remain you friend?

How quick are you to stop the negative self talk? Do you even notice it? Do you believe the negative talk? 

Remember we have the upper and lower brain. The lower brain wants us to stay safe and not do things that are risky (out ourselves out there). The higher brain wants the best for us. So when we plan ahead the brain will serve us.

Alright my friends, please tell me how you are going to implement self love for yourself. Also, how do you feel that more self-love will set you free?

Here is today’s video- it is full of personal examples, pitfalls and break throughs.

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