Day 31- Dara’s Life Liberated Challenge- Unconditional Love

Day 31- Unconditional Love

In my opinion understanding unconditional love is the absolute solution to all of our problems because it means that our problems do not need to be solved to have peace in our lives.

I will let that sink in a little. What? We don’t have to resolve all of our problems to be happy? We can love and be loved with dirty dishes in the sink and not be a perfect size to have true happiness?

Learning to live totally liberated is to live a life where we will love ourselves no matter what. What does this look like?

When I was a kid I got the understanding that if I did not do a good job cleaning I was unlovable. For some reason I adopted this into my life. Which translated into situations where I would say to myself, ‘if you don’t get a certain mark on my essay you are a slacker’, or ‘if you don’t make a certain amount of money in your business you are a terrible person’, or ‘if you don’t weigh a certain amount and can fit in those jeans you are no good’. 

Sound familiar?

One of the most interesting aspects to this thinking is that the point of reference, the judgement is random. Let me give you an example, I was talking to my 10 year old son about achievement. I was sharing with him that I was no longer going to be quilting for hire. He then said that he considered me an expert. I then questioned him about his criteria. What did he base his conclusion on? If we went by number of followers on Instagram and number of quilting awards then I wouldn’t be. But if we based it on a criteria of books published, number of classes taught and amount paid then perhaps yes.

Who are you giving power to in your decision?

What criteria are you using?

Want to know the best way to know- you just get to decide. It is your choice.

I share a lot in the video today. What are your impressions?

I really invite you to think about the analogy of the young child trying to figure out what shape goes where in the classic childhood toy. We are all just trying to figure out all ‘the things’. So in this process of figuring out why not allow ourselves the opportunity to discover and explore in a way that is loving and kind? 

Would you talk to a friend the way you talk to yourself?

One of the indicators of a successful person is the type of self talk they have. Are you giving yourself love in all of the different scenarios of your life? If not, how is this negative talk helping you?

I was once on a consult with a person to see if we would work together and he said that he is embarrassed that he is over weight. He feels like he should be able to figure out by himself. I questioned him on that. Why do we feel as adults that we should have everything figured out all of the time? 

How long have you been driving a car? Do you know how it works? Do you know how to fix it? Do you think that it is mandatory for every person who drives know how fix everything that could go wrong with it? 

So why do we think we should know how to do everything?

I have loved sharing all of these challenges with you this month. I have learned so much more about me and where I have grown as I apply these liberating thoughts to all of these aspects of our life. I want to continue to serve you. Please take some time to fill out this survey of various topics you would like to learn more about.

A- How the brain works involving science and the power of our thoughts

B-Gratitude. The power of gratitude in our lives and how a practice of gratitude can change our results.

C-Creativity is a way to cultivate the mind in a new way. How can intentional creativity boost our lives.

D-Living a more intentional life. How can learning to separate our circumstances from our thoughts be a game changer. We then delve deeper in choosing the thoughts that serve us according to the emotions those thoughts give us that lead to actions and ultimately the new results.

E- Weight Loss- learning more about how we can lose weight without exercising our bodies, just our brains.

F- you share what you want to learn more about 

This 31 day Life Liberated Challenge has been amazing. I am so pleased you have joined me. I invite you share with me any feedback that you have. You are the reason that I am doing this.

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