Day 3 Dara’s Life Liberated Challenge ‘The Model’

I am doing this challenge right alongside you. In fact I have a brand new notebook for all of my writing for this challenge.  One of the largest problems we have in life is to feel stuck, unable to solve our problems. What do you do solve problems? Todays challenge is to see that there is a way to solve any problem that all. Talk about liberation!

Today I describe one of the tools that I learned from Brooke Castillo called ‘The Model’. I go into details in my 9 minute video included in this email.

Here is a written description of the process.

Step 1: Take the problem and get it neutral. For example: It’s raining is neutral rather than, ‘I hate the rain’- that’s a thought!

Step 2: What is the thought that comes from the circumstance?

Think about all of the different thoughts that come from the circumstance?

“I love the rain’, ‘Rain is great for the crops’, ‘I hate how dreary the rain is’, the list goes on.

Step 3: What emotion is evoked from the thought? The emotion that comes from the thought is what will fuel your actions. For example: if the thought is ‘Rain is perfect for staying inside and getting house stuff done’, the feelings would be joy. The actions could be: work in home, clean, organize, declutter etc. 

Step 4: What are the results from the actions?

What is the outcome? What were you able to achieve? Our thoughts are always connected to our results.

As you look at your thought download, what thought would you like to take a closer look at? I love coaching people on their questions. 

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