Day 29- Life Liberated Challenge Money

What would you say are your top stressors every day?

Am I right if I said money?

Do you have thoughts like these: there is never enough, it doesn’t seem fair, I try to get ahead and then this happens, I am just not lucky with money, why do they have no problems with money, I just hate having to deal with money.

If you are having these thoughts you are not alone. Today I am going to help you see your relationship with money in a new way if you are open to it.

When you were growing up what was the general idea around money? What would your parents say about money? Would you say that they had an abundant attitude towards money and say things like, ‘there is always enough money for what we need’ or ‘money is easy’, Or did you come from a home with a scarcity mindset where they would say things such as, ‘money doesn’t grow on trees’ or ‘we work hard for our money’.

Knowing what you think of money is really important. A belief is just a thought that we have thought enough times, so if we don’t like our belief and it isn’t serving us then we can just go back to the thought and change it.

I recognize that changing thoughts are not as simple as turning on a light switch because most of the time our thoughts have several layers. We have building thoughts, for example, if we believe that this is true then we believe that this next step is true etc.

Getting back to money. I want you to write down one of your beliefs about money.

I will use one of my own beliefs: money is hard. So if that is true than I have to work 18 hours days and really grind it out to earn my money. This also means that I shouldn’t have a lot of fun making this money either because it is supposed to be difficult and hard to achieve this. How does this thought help me? Does believing that something is hard and difficult motivate me to want to continue to do it?

My new thought is money is easy and fun. So if I believe that money is easy and fun then I am going to be more excited to try new things and play around with all of the possibilities.

Let’s get back to scarcity vs abundance mindset. If we believe that there is never enough, our brain is looking for evidence that there is never enough. The same is true with opposite, if we believe that there is always enough we will find evidence that there is.

Writing Assignment

  1. Write down your relationship with money. 

2. Write your ideal relationship with money. How do you think it could come true?

3. Jot down some of your ideas.

4. After you listen to my recording for today, what thoughts are coming up for you?

5. Let’s make real change happen. Write down one thing that you are committing to do to change your relationship with money permanently.

Enjoy the video- you may want to grab a herbal tea and get cozy on the couch it’s 29 min.

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