Day 21- Dara’s Life Liberated Challenge-Habits

Day 21 Habits

The debate is really on about if habits are really the way we need to approach life. Every where I turn on the world wide web we have different experts sharing different approaches about the concept of habits.

What do you think?

What is a habit anyway?

A habit is a small decision that we make every day. In fact a study from Duke University found that our habits can make up 40% of our day. Isn’t this fascinating that we are studying habits after yesterday’s challenge of mind juice and thoughts? (you think I planned it!)

So if our habit take up so much of our day then it is safe to say we become our habits. Are you happy? What are the sum of your habits?- do they help you to be happy?

What we do repeatedly becomes who we are, the things we believe and the personality that we portray.

It’s safe to say that the way we are going to have transformation in our life is to transform our habits.

I love how my new habits have changed my life.

The way I eat has transformed my body. I don’t eat sugar or flour unless I have planned for it 24 hours in advance. I also have formed new habits about where I turn when I am frustrated or worried- I no longer go to the pantry.

I have created some new habits about the way I take care of my body by going to bed earlier. I have changed my business so that I no longer quilt for hire so that I can get 7-8 hours of sleep to my former 4-5 hours I once did.

I have created new habits about the way I look at my relationship with money. I check into my accounts and appreciate the money that is there rather than think negatively about it. 

There are some habits that I am till working on at changing. Welcome to being a human. One of my habits reducing the number of times that I pick up and put down my phone a day. Another one of my habits that I would like to change is when I take off my clothes that I either hang them back up or put them in the wash rather than over the bathtub or floor.

Awareness is key.

One of the things I like to ask myself about my habits is ‘are they helping me to become the person I want to become?’

I really like to go to my future self. I like to imagine my ideal life. What are the ways my ideal self spends her time? Does she spend her time walking over her clothes that are on the floor or is her room, closet and bathroom tidy?

Check out my story for further ideas and insights.

Writing Assignment

1. What are your favourite habits? List your top 5. 






Want to know some of mine? I sing out loud everyday so I can practice harmonizing. I weigh myself everyday with curiosity and compassion. I make food for kids. I tell my husband that I love and appreciate him.

2. What habits would you like to change? List a couple of them and then share how you think you could change them

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