Day 17-Dara’s Life Liberated Challenge- Entitlement


What is this exactly?

Entitlement is the right to a particular privilege or benefit. If someone has a sense of entitlement, that means the person believes he/she deserves certain privileges and is arrogant about it. (

Let’s dive a little deeper into this:

-they care deeply about what other people think of them

-they believe they have privileges instead of rights (they are above others)

-they wear their entitlement like a crown

-they are rude

-they are demanding

-they are contemptuous

-they get resentful, not just disappointed when things don’t go their way 

-sometimes it is more subtle and you are left feeling manipulated

Four descriptions of entitled people

  1. They genuinely believe that they are better or more important than others. They often make a request at another person’s expense.
  1. They hold a double standard for themselves and other. They think nothing of inconveniencing others but if someone cancels on them they are terribly offended.
  1. Difficulty playing fair because fairness implies equality. They struggle with compromising, negotiating, following rules, waiting their turn and apologizing.
  1. They are manipulative and controlling. They are impossible to please because they expect the best on a silver platter and if they don’t get what they want they have a tantrum

They are miserable because they set very big grandiose goals for maximum visible impact. These are called self-imaged goals. They want to be respected for them. The problem is that they fail in the goal because it feels grandiose but deep down they are insecure and as we know external factors do not bring lasting internal joy.

They have thin skin and are hyper sensitive to any negative comment. 

When making goals entitled people want to win whereas compassionate people want to contribute. Entitled people feel like life is a contest that people actually win.

(information gathered from various google searches)

Writing Work

1. What is the take away for you here?

2. Do you know someone in your life who is entitled?

3. How does knowing this information help you understand them better? 

4. Do you see any connections to entitlement in your life? Do you have some of these characteristics?

5. Moving forward with this knowledge how will this influence how you show to those relationships?

6. We are 100% responsible for our own emotions. We can not change anyone else but ourselves. What emotions come up for you as you view an entitled person? In the example I gave in the video I have grown a lot more compassion for the entitled person in my life because living a life that feels like they are constantly running a race would be exhausting. Waiting for constant approval from others is also extremely draining.

There is so much good work here. Keep going. You are worth it.

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