Day 14- Dara’s Life Liberated Challenge Self Esteem

Today’s chat was mostly on self esteem but as you will see in the video that we aren’t able to talk about self esteem without the discussion touching on personal confidence, selflessness and where we get our self love from.

How would you define self esteem?

I think this concept has been beaten up over the years; misunderstood and mistreated.

Self esteem is an individual’s perception of their own self worth.

Self esteem is connected to confidence: feeling able handle any situation.

How would you describe our own worth? When I was first teaching elementary school in the late 90’s we did not fail children in fear that they would have lower self-esteems. The irony for me is that the way we build our self-esteem is to be put in a variety of difficult situations and build the skills to overcome them.

See the video for my son getting dropped off at the wrong bus stop and how that helped him to gain confidence in his ability to problem-solve. 

Think back in your life when you had to do something really difficult. How did you do? Did you persevere? How does that affect you now?

I think it is really helpful to look at the ‘selfish vs selfless’ question. Is it selfish to work on yourself: your weight, your mindset, your free time? If we are focused on only ourselves that is selfish. 

I was coaching a lady last week who bought herself a long arm but has not taken hardly any time to use it because she is constantly helping her daughter and husband. She is worn out and prone to getting sick easily because she is not maintaining the balance. She believes that her self worth only comes from serving others. Where do you fall in this scenario?

I like to think of the concept of having to put on your own air mask before others.

Here are some questions to reflect on write about.

  1. How can working on your own brain help you help others?

2. What are ways that you foster selfless habits?

3. Write about a time when you knew you built self esteem.

4. What are some things you just don’t do because you are so worried that you will fail, that you just aren’t good enough?

The fact that you are reading this right now tells me that you are person with determination. This determination will help you increase your own perception of yourself.

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