Dara Tomasson Resiliency Series – Dara Interviews Jen Frost

Dara Tomasson Resiliency Series

Join Dara as she shares stories of strong women who have found resilience through quilting and share their stores. Dara is a life coach for quilters and has a strong belief that life coaching and quilting can go hand in hand. She has used her techniques to lose over 50lbs with no exercise and currently runs her own love yourself thin group which you can find out more about on her website www.daratomasson.com.

It was an absolute delight to meet up with Jen as she shared her story of how Covid really provided miracles in her life that she would never have expected. Jen produces her own fabric inspired by her Catholic faith. She also teaches young children and youth to sew. Her fabric was a real hit for masks. Jen got so busy sewing masks that she was able to hire two local women to help her. The wife of a Swiss Guard gave Pope Francis one of Jen’s handmade masks! Although Jen struggled balancing her business with homeschooling her son, she was able to see the benefits of focusing her time, delegating and employing other women. This interview was a pure delight as you see the example of resilience Jen demonstrated as she carved out creative time for her to be her best self for her son and husband.

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