Light the World Day 7

Jesus Fed the Hungry

Some ideas. Donate non-perishable items to a local food bank. Invite a neighbour on a tight budget to dinner. Learn about satisfying spiritual hunger (start with John 6:35). 

We are selling our house and yesterday (Day 7) was the day before listing so I was non-stop staging mode which included painting my bathroom vanity and my great grandfather’s piano. I also had two different basketball practices to get kids too, return and exchange house items at Home Sense, pic up a print at chapters, two different drop off times for the band Christmas concert and then attend the marathon band concert. Although I would like to say I hand delivered homemade soup and sandwiches to homeless people, I felt like I did good by making a homemade meal for my children! 

Sometimes we can get caught up in serving those in our community that we forget about serving our families!!


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