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Here is the information for you to join our classes.

All classes are on zoom
Meeting ID: 225-133-3901
Password: 12345


Welcome to Love Yourself Thin October 18- Jan 12, 2021


As a fast acting bonus for you signing up I am including you into my weekly Monday classes at 9 am pacific (10 am mountain, 11 am central or 12 eastern) where I am teaching you to lose 2 pounds a week and to combat buffering. WEEKLY MONDAY GROUP FACEBOOK:


I am offering my Love Yourself Thin program over a 3 day live event Oct 18-20 at Lisa Bongean’s brand new retreat center. After the live event where you will learn the entire process of losing weight, keeping it off and creating a future you will love.


I will then be offering bi-weekly calls to support you until Jan 12, 2021.


Oct 15 you will receive an invitation to join the private Facebook group where you will have 24/7 access to me for support so you can be the most successful in losing weight and keeping it off.


This decision to join Love Yourself Thin changes your life. The more you put into this program the more you get out. I have so many clients who have lost 1000’s of pounds. Commit now.


Here are the details for the live event for you to book your plane ticket and reserve your room at the Primitive Gatherings Retreat center. 

You will need to be at the retreat center ready to learn at 9 am on October 18. We are in session until Wednesday at 3. The retreat center is expecting you to come Sunday night to Thursday am.


Here is the itinerary for the LIVE event.

Sunday night- mix and mingle 7-9 

Monday 8-9 breakfast

9-12 classes and workshop

12-1 lunch break

1-5 classes and workshopping

5-6 dinner

Free time. There will be sitting and stitching at the fireplace.



Monday 8-9 breakfast

9-12 classes and workshop

12-1 lunch break

1-5 classes and workshopping

5-6 dinner

Free time. There will be sitting and stitching at the fireplace.



Monday 8-9 breakfast

9-12 classes and workshop

12-1 lunch break

1-3 classes and workshopping

5-6 dinner


The closest airport is Appleton, Wisconsin.


If you have any questions please contact myself or Rochelle my assistant. [email protected]


The contact person at Primitive Gatherings is Carrie at [email protected].


Monday 9 AM Pacific is a group call for all my clients that gives access to weekly improvement programs like the Perfection Recovery Program, and Planning to Love Your Life, these programs are given out as a BONUS to new clients for the Love Yourself Thin Group! 

You can join the facebook group here:

Here is the Facebook Group for the 12 week program:

Classes will be at 11AM Pacific Standard Time on Wednesday & Friday from July 28, 2021- October 13, 2021

Wednesday is our Modules from the Love Yourself Thin curriculum we learn interactively.

Friday is the open coaching session where you get to be coached and watch others be coached.

The Facebook Group for your 12 week session where the replays can be viewed, and questions can be asked is here:

I recommend that you have a 1-inch binder and dividers for each module. Journals are also very important to track your journey.

Every module has a series of worksheets that are really helpful for you to work through. I recommend that you set time aside to work through them daily.

My weight loss guarantee states that if you come to 2 of the 3 calls, write 3 thought downloads and 3 thought models a week, complete the worksheets, ask to get coached, do the three-step process of losing 1-2 pounds a week you will have success. When you implement these habits and routines you have set yourself up for success and healthy habits that will guarantee that you will continue to progress.

I will set you up with your own google doc where you will record your goals and weight. We will do a weekly check-in via the computer. At the halfway point we will have a 30 min 1-1 check-in.

There are office hours every week on Thursday from 2-3 pm pacific and Monday from 3-4 pm pacific. These are offered for you if there is anything that comes up in the coaching session or worksheets that are of a sexual (rape or abuse) or truly intimate nature that would not be appropriate to share in a group setting. You can book office hour time through the Calendly link provided here.

Please take advantage of the Facebook Group. Share insights and questions. Allow yourself to be vulnerable because that is where you will have true change. Do not message me directly (unless it is sensitive in nature). Ask questions in the group, if you have any questions or problems, so do others.

I am so proud to be your life coach. You are responsible for your success. I am here to help you in any way- so in order to get the help you need it is your responsibility to reach out to me for help. I will not chase after you.

Welcome and know that you are in the right place.


P.S. I will be sending links to my Bonus Videos and Handouts Shortly. Thank you.

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