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In my experience quilters are generous, thoughtful and caring people. They are resourceful and industrious. I am often very nostalgic about quilting and the origins of it. Women using whatever they can to create works of art that are used to provide warmth and comfort to the lives of others.

My grandmother Mary, on the right, was one of these people. Although she passed away when I was 7 I have fond memories of her kindness, humour and care. I have quilts she made, with real wool batts and have used her fabric in projects such as my master bedroom quilt and aprons for family members.

My other grandma Hazel created dozens and dozens of charity quilts and some special ones for her grandchildren.

Today is December 1. I love the Christmas season. One of the reasons is that peoples thoughts are turned to others, deliberating about the best gifts they can give others, thinking of family members, turning their thoughts and actions to those in society who may not have much or who are lonely. There is usually a kindness that is more evident in our daily tasks.

I have a relationship with Jesus Christ and want to emulate His life of kindness and service. There are many who don’t, or their example may be another role model such as Buddha or to the teachings of the Koran. For the next 25 days my husband, children and myself have committed to 25 days of #light the world. This is being hosted by our church. There is an awesome count down included on which I will be using as my framework.  We are encouraging all to join. Each day focuses on a characteristic trait of Jesus. For example, today’s theme is ‘Jesus lifted other’s burdens and so can you’. This is the video sharing the vision of the project.

Imagine a world where everyone did one thing to lift another’s burden every day. Shovel a walk, visit with a lonely person, babysit someones kids so they can go Christmas shopping without their kids. You can lighten the life of others.

Time goes so quickly. If we don’t plan to do something it usually doesn’t happen. Take some time and make a plan. Join me on this adventure. I am committing to record something every day of how my family and myself are being a light for the next 25 days!!


One time my friend said that one of the things she liked about me was that I give people opportunities and no guilt if you don’t take me up on the invite. So if you want to join along, great. If not, and you want to just follow my adventure, no problem. 

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