Summary of Learn to Quilt Charity Quilt Along

Back in May I really wanted to feel awesome about my efforts in contributing more love and magic around Christmas and when mid November sneaks up on me, I literally run out of time with all of the other responsibilities that I have so my Charity Quilt Along and Learn to Quilt Series was born. I found amazing sponsors like Riley Blake Designs, Clover, Winline Batting, Binding Buddies and other generous participants to encourage others to use their time towards learning a new skill and putting more love in the world one quilt at a time.  

Deena Rutter’s Varsity Fabric Basketball

Here is a recap of all 7 weeks along with the links of the tutorial on YouTube and on my blog. I also have included my free pattern 9 Patch Wonder that you can print off and use over and over to put more love in the world, one quilt at a time.

Imagine the love the receiver feels when wrapped in a homemade quilt?

Week 1– Every thing you need to do to get ready for the making of a quilt. Read my blog post here. Watch me on video over on YouTube and the second video here. This is the first time I have ever done editing, I love to see my progress in editing week after week.  Read all about it in my blog. I explain what materials are required and various aspects of the sewing machine. This preparation helps you to be organized for the creative process. What fabrics are you going to use?

Delicious bundle of a quilt. Free pattern is available and free step by step instructions.

Week 2
– This is where I solve the mystery of reading a pattern and cutting out all the pieces. Grab your free pattern and read along with me to understand how to get going. Read my blog post here. YouTube Video Instructions here.

Week 3– Quarter inch seams and pressing instructions are taught this week.Read my blog post here. YouTube Video Instructions here.

Week 4– Assembling the quilt top is taught through my tested and true method of marking the squares to ensure that the quilt that was laid out, is the same quilt that is sewn together- no lost in translation problems here! Read my blog post here. YouTube Video Instructions here.


Week 5– Basting the quilt- I show a variety of methods used to get that quilt ready for the next step. Read my blog post here. YouTube Video Instructions here.

Week 6– I am bias- this is my favourite part of the quilting process- Free Motion Quilting. Read my blog post here. YouTube Video Instructions here.

Week 7– Squaring up the finished quilt. Preparing and installing the binding in a variety of ways. Then the finishing touch of the quilt label. Read my blog post here. YouTube Video Instructions here.

Here is your free pattern.9 Patch Wonder-2  I would love to have you sign up for my email list so I can send you more goodies and guidance on how to quilt this up and have success on your free motion quilting journey. I am a free motion quilting liberator and gear most of my teaching to help develop all the skills needed to quilt your projects 100% done by you. 

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