Light the World Day 9

Jesus Visited the Lonely 

Some ideas. Visit a nursing home. Invite a widow or widower to dinner. Identify someone that will be alone for Christmas. Invite them to attend a church service with you on Christmas Day.

Yesterday’s challenge was to pray for someone. There are so many out there who are sad and confused. Believing in Jesus Christ does not shield away hardships and difficulties, what it does is give perspective and strength. I am grateful to a loving Saviour who is always there to listen and provide counsel. 

I am taking 2 of my kids to the Calgary Temple tomorrow to do work for our ancestors. I made a goal at the beginning of the week to find 12 male and 12 female names. I dedicated 2 hours a day, some days were not quite 2 hours, but I am persevering and I am now at 8 male names and 10 female. I have been praying all week for guidance.  What a blessing. 

Not sure what we will do today for the challenge.  Will chat with the kids, make a plan and will follow up tomorrow. How are you doing with the challenge?

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