Almost Cheating Quilt

I love teaching. I taught in the public system for 8.5 years. I love teaching quilting and especially free motion quilting. I have taken LOTS of on-line classes and when my schedule allows I take classes in person. 

I had the opportunity to meet Jenny Doan and most her family at Riley Blake Shop Owners Extravaganza and Quilt Market in May of this year.

Missing one of her fabulous daughters.
Missing one of her fabulous daughters.

I am so inspired by her and her family. They have transformed an entire town. There is a great show about them on Turning Points.  I loved meeting them and feeling of their kindness and care. Jenny and her family have made learning how to quilt so accessible through their Youtube videos. I love them. It’s fun to have clients bring me quilts with patterns they learned how to do from watching Jenny’s videos.

One such client was so excited about this tutorial. That we decided to offer it as a class. 

I am pretty excited about this concept of quilting where the pit becomes the design! 

Watch what happens with this fabric.


Then by the way the fabric is cut, it creates totally different designs that you see in these pictures.

Two designs  
Two designs  

When these two different squares are put together they make more designs.

Imagine the possibilities. I am looking at linear fabric in a totally new way! I would love to see what you come up with. Please share.

Thanks Jenny for your awesome tutorial.

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