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A new client brought me 3 quilts on Saturday afternoon. We chatted about her vision for the quilts and came up with some ideas. 

Love this pic my 12 year old toke of me getting ready for the photo shoot.

What an interesting quilt with the play of colour using the grey to tie it all together.

The contrast of the blue sky…

and the green grass.

We then folded over the back so the stitching is a little bit more visible. I really love this design in the border. It is a cross between a swirl and circuit board. It also has a aztec/greek geometric  fusion feel. I use a black batting for this. I wasn’t sure how the black batting would work with the white fabric, but I think that it turned out really well, especially with the black backing.

I am inspired by all the quilts that come through my door. Since September I have quilted 38 client quilts and several for myself. Each quilt I have the opportunity to quilt I learn something new: thread colour choice, design choice, quilting designs etc. I have 5 children (4 in full time school and one very adorable 4 year old full time at home) and am very busy with their extra-curricular events. I am grateful that I can have the flexibility that working from home allows me. 

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