Putting More Love In the World One Square at a Time.

169 acts of kindness will allow you to join my quilt along and make a pixel heart quilt.

I had such an incredible feeling as I drew the name for the winner of the Pixel Heart Quilt I made with all the help of you amazing people during our Charity Quilt Along. I loved receiving your pictures of the quilts that you made and gave away. We had more than 169 quilts donated in less that 3 months.

Now that the quilt is made and people aren’t sending me pictures of their charity quilts I have missed feeling all of that quilting love, so I decided to host another quilt along that promotes more love!! Valentines day is around the corner. This year I am involving my kids to have ‘Intentional’ service. I am going to have a bunch of paper hearts cut out and they are encouraged to write down what they did that was kind, helpful and loving.

For every kindness they write down and put in my grandma’s old pickle jar, I will have a pile of 5” squares beside another jar. They will put a 5”square in that jar. Two jars and so much love.

Are you in?

Who will you invite to join you?

Dates for the quilt along

Week 1: January 19-26 Introductions and Sign-Up

Week 2: January 27- February 2 Official Start along with Materials and Cutting Instructions

Week 3: February 3- February 9 Cutting

Week 4: February 10- February 16 Piecing

Week 5: February 17-February 23 Piecing

Week 6: February 24- March 3 Quilting

Week 7: March 4-10 Show and Tell

What makes this quilt along different? This quilt along is unique because every 5” square needs to be ‘earned’ with an act of kindness. I  have provided paper hearts for others to get involved in writing down their acts of kindness. Valentines Day is not just for couples, its for kids, and singles and well everybody!! 

As a mom I am always encouraging my kids to show gratitude and to be kind. I think filling one of my grandma’s old pickle jars full of hearts with the kind acts written on them is going to be my best February yet!

What does this quilt along look like?

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Support each other by sharing inspiration of the service you are doing to earn those squares and then spread the word by using the hashtag #morelovequiltalong

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