Permanent Weight Loss in 3 Steps:

Attainable, Doable and Sustainable

Lose weight for the last time because you will never worry about it coming and finding you again!

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ENROLL NOW FOR Permanent Weight Loss in 3 Steps:
Attainable, Doable and Sustainable

This is where the mystery of weight loss will be solved.

Here's the hard truth…

Weight loss has always been a struggle for you despite all of your very best intentions.

You have never deliberately decided to carry around the extra weight. So why the extra weight? You have probably questioned yourself 1000’s of times why you just can’t get weight loss figured out- you have been able to overcome so many other challenges before in your life.

Weight loss is so confusing and frustrating!

1% of all people who seek out weight loss achieve a lifetime of permanent weight loss success. What is holding back the 99% chronic dieters? The reason? They just haven’t SEEN what’s REALLY going on with themselves and food.

You eat healthy for a while and feel really good with the results but then something comes up like a pandemic, a sick parent or a job change and everything goes out the door which means the weight comes back on.

You’ve probably been there too many times to count.

And it feels like giving up on your goal for weight loss is inevitable.

Something HAS TO GIVE.
I know, I’ve been there and I know the frustration.
I also know the toll it took on me physically and on my emotional and mental health.

I am Dara Tomasson

Professional Quilter turned Certified Weight Loss Coach where I lost 50 plus pounds without counting calories or exercise. I have been able to keep it off for more than 3 years without drama or worries. I did this all while raising and feeding 5 kids from 5-15 all with healthy appetites!! 
The weight loss tools were so powerful for me that I needed to share them with my fellow quilters. After coaching 100’s of women I have now opened up my Lifetime Program where women get full support in learning how to lose the weight for the last time because they never have to worry about the weight coming back again.
I created my program just for YOU. FOR US.

If you're thinking, "It wasn't supposed to be this way...."


This 4 day training has been created for you. NO MORE WASTED time on stressing out about your weight and your body. Weight loss really is a mental game grounded on science. Inside this incredible training you will no longer WONDER why you haven’t lost more weight.  You will also learn that you are capable of understanding weight loss tools without having ‘an expert’ telling you every single thing to eat. You will also see how SUSTAINABLE permanent weight loss really is.

If you’re tired of hearing your own excuses and feeling like you’re living the same groundhog day over and over, RUN don’t walk to enroll in Permanent Weight Loss in 3 Steps: Attainable, Doable and Sustainable.
The only thing you have to lose is weight and isn’t that the whole point!

Class Starts April 26 until April 29 with the private Facebook open from April 25th to the 29th

Weight loss tools were never calorie counting. 
Weight loss tools are for your brain since it is your brain that controls what you put in your mouth.
It was never that you weren’t smart enough with the tools, it is just that you didn’t have the ‘right’ tools for the job. This class is exactly what you need to change your future body with clarity and certainty.

Permanent weight loss is now available.