8 Inch Square Challenge Continued

Quilting is an art form for me, a creative outlet. But with all art there are rules that need to be followed for best results. These rules are so liberating to me, because I know if I follow them than all the creative parts will come together so nicely.

Since I have a ginormous pile of half square triangles to trim, I am going to share some rules about trimming half square triangles that will help you have excellent results.

I can use my large ruler to trim them up. Notice I have lined up my 45 degree line with my seam. This will help have perfect seams when putting them together. When using this ruler you have to do two steps. Line up each side.

The bottom has been trimmed, now for the side.

Two cuts, done. 

Or I can use my square that is already 7 inch square and I don’t have to move the ruler at all! I think this is the way I will go. I will lose .5″ on each square but when I factor in my time saved, it’s worth it to me…5 kids…customer quilts to quilt, basketball games…etc etc. Time saved is worth it to me.


Ta Da. Finished trimmed block exactly 7 inch square and ready to go up on a design wall. I look forward to seeing your progress. I have two 7 inch rulers so I am going to do the Huck Finn trick tonight and lure my 13 year old into helping me trim away!! Wish me luck.



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