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Weight loss and procrastination have a lot in common:
  • you want to be thin & happy in your clothes but you also want to eat ice cream whenever you want
  • you want to have lots of energy for quilting and walking around but you also want to eat popcorn on the couch every night with your evening shows
  • you want to feel happy on the scale but those donuts look so delicious right now
  • You want to feel thin and comfortable in your body but you don’t want to work through urges and delayed gratification.

This master course will help you understand WHY procrastination is such a huge human problem. It’s wired in us and overcoming it requires specific tools and work.

You will discover the 6 dysfunctional habits that feed procrastination.
  1. How we spend our energy
  2. Uncomfortable with our emotions
  3. Taking responsibility for our daily actions
  4. Perfectionism and how it slows us down
  5. Getting out of being stuck
  6. Not ever feeling good enough
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This master course provides an in-depth tactical guide to show you YOUR BEST road map.
You are unique. You need to find your best path for you. So this master course will walk you through how to find your specific way.

This is not a cookie cutter guide.

The tactical plan will take in account your unique life of babysitting grandkids at the last minute, uncertain holiday plans and the need to ‘go with the flow’ kind of life.

Weight loss is all about your relationship with food. Just like cleaning out the garage, storage shed or the endless amounts of UFO’s and projects sounds horrible I UNDERSTAND that facing your food issues is SCARY.

No wonder you have procrastinated. You have found other important projects to do. You have made countless charity quilts, babysat grandkids or volunteered at the guild.
Take 5 hours to learn all about your procrastination pitfalls by shining a light on them so they no longer just happen subconsciously. Learn 6 new tools to help you work through procrastination and then build your unique tactical strategy to overcoming procrastination.

You want a clean house, finished quilts and a thin body now and this course is here to help you get all of those without feeling exhausted

You're in good company
I don't even recognize myself anymore.

Before I came to Love Yourself Thin I didn't understand how I could be so successful with so many other things in my life but weight loss was always a flop. I worked so hard to trying to get it right but I always put the weight back again when I went back to real life. I didn't believe that I could lose weight and live a life I wanted to live. Now I see that I can be trusted to make good food choices without feeling deprived. I am so thrilled to keep the weight off.


When I went back to work I didn't get a lot of work done because everyone was amazed at how much weight I have lost.

When I signed up for my first master course with Dara I wanted to be successful so badly but my whole life felt like one weight loss failure after another. I was convinced I couldn't be successful. But as I slowed down and learned the basics I can see how much my life has changed. I have lost over 55 pounds in a year. I feel so energized. I don't need my wheelchair at quilting events.

I get more quilting projects done.

I feel more at ease with my family and friends.

Retirement is more exciting than ever as I continue to learn and master these tools.


Learning the Weight Loss Tools are life changing.

'When I think of how much time I used to stress out about food and my body I am so relieved that I have changed my life and how I use my time. I have lost 70 pounds. My life almost doesn't seem like it is the same life. I went to a lot of Dara's master courses before. I was nervous to invest in myself because I had failed in the past so many times. I am so glad I took the plunge because now I have so much time and energy to do what I want. I also surprise myself almost daily with how much courage I have now to do what I WANT and not WORRY about what other people might say or do. 

- Susan

I no longer need chocolate to get through my day.

Life felt so overwhelming and stressful. I did not feel confident to get through my day without nibbling on chocolate chips.

I have learned that one of the missing links to weight loss is that we have a thinking problem not a knowledge problem. I knew what I was 'supposed' to do but I just couldn't stop myself from following through. When you attend classes with Dara, you will start to see that you can change without a lot of stress or difficulties.

- Claudia
I am in awe of the life I have now.

I didn't ever think of myself as successful with weight loss. I was always the 'big' girl in my family. When I started learning weight loss tools for my brain I consistently lose weight every week even though my husband just retired and we have been on the road almost every week.

I can't recommend learning these tools enough. You will not regret the time and money because you finally feel hope about permanent weight loss.

This program changed my life. You won't regret it!

"Since joining Dara's program I have lost 30 pounds but more importantly I have gained so much confidence in myself. Dara has provided me with an abundance of tools to learn how to not just lose weight, but manage my mind, solve my problems more effectively and see the world in a completely different way. I don't feel trapped by old patterns or old mannerisms anymore to cope with my life and I feel truly free, I am learning every time I take a class how to truly Love Myself. Thank you Dara!"

- Rochelle