Doodle Away

Love these note books. I use them for all sorts of purposes. One of the main uses is to doodle and record my ideas. 

I really love to go back to my notebooks for several reasons:

  • 1. I see my progress
  • 2. I get inspiration from my doodles
  • 3 My doodles can be a jumping off point for another design
  • 4 I write ideas down that I forget 
  • 5 I celebrate in the process of being creative and document it for further endeavours
  • Do you have a notebook?

What works for you?

I will be sharing tips throughout the blog on ways that work for me in keeping my doodle/sketch/inspiration book going.

Really love the play with the negative space.

Great allover or fill design that would create a lot of fantastic texture.

Different fills for boarders etc.

Doodle Free Motion Challenge
Get a sketch book. Send a pic or a not of it by next week.

— Stitched Quilting Co Free Motion Challenge

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