How to Run A Long Arm Business Course

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This program came from a lecture I taught at UQSM. I only had an hour and I could not talk fast enough and everyone in the class stayed over time and wanted more. So I created this 6 lesson program that helps build a foundation for long arm quilting business or help existing long armers get their businesses to where they want to be.

When I reflect back on my first steps at running a business I had a lot of feelings of insecurity and doubt. 

Was my quilting good enough? 

Did I know enough? 

How can I get repeat clients? 

How can I get new clients? 

What would others think of me? 

What if I mess up?

Do you have these feelings? 

Can you relate? 

I’ve started two long arm businesses in the past 5 years as we relocated due to a job transfer.

I have local clients and clients who mail me quilts so I have experience in both those areas. I offer custom quilting, edge to edge, total quilt creation (from quilt construction) and binding services.

I’ve figured out the strategies and techniques to run a successful/efficient long arm business.

This course will provide:

  • Lesson 1: get clarity of the type of business that you want
  • Lesson 2: explore supplies (batting, thread, needles etc)
  • Lesson 3: how to build your client base- nail down the machine of your marketing and business 
  • Lesson 4: systems with intake and outtake of client quilts (both in person and on-line)
  • Lesson 5: pricing your work and services
  • Lesson 6: client relationships with a problem solving model that will help you resolve any of your problems
  • along with countless tips and tricks to help propel your long arm business to get you to where you want to be.

I love using my teaching background and all quilt business experience to help you get to where you want to be in your business.

All of the classes and the homework are posted in the classroom. I am so dedicated to seeing my students succeed that I guarantee that you will be able to make the investment back in three months when you show that you watched all lessons, did all the homework and then show up to 3 months of weekly calls with me on Mondays from 9-10 pacific time.

Throughout the week I encourage you to ask me anything and I will answer them on the Monday call.

This is transformational when you are willing to do the work. I have wonderful testimonials of previous students that you can access here.

Are you ready for transformation? 

These principles and strategies will change your business if you are ready to put in the work.

One of the greatest benefits of this course is that I teach a problem solving model that I learned from The Life Coach School. This problem solving strategy has helped me in every aspect of my life.

I will hold your hand and guide you to create your dream business.

What are your thoughts?

The course is $495.00 (USD) for the 6 lessons, detailed homework and 3 months of 12 group coaching sessions.

What can you expect in the coaching calls?

1.Throughout the week you can ask me questions ‘Ask Dara Anything’ and I will answer all of those on the call.

2. I have monthly themes that will build you in your business. (i.e. social media marketing or communication skills)

3. I will coach individuals but everyone gets the opportunity to watch them getting coached.

All the calls are done over Zoom. The calls are recorded and you are able to access them in the class library.

If you are interested in fast tracking your business I have limited one-on-one coaching calls.

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