Final Week of the Pixel Heart Quilt Along

So what would you say is your biggest take away from this activity?

Finished Pixel Heart Quilt taken just outside my studio

I can’t determine just one. Here are several of mine.

  1. I appreciated the list of suggestions that I made because sitting down with my children individually helped them and myself realize how simple these acts are- and a lot of them we were doing already so that helped us feel even better.

2. Acts of kindness and thinking of others helps us feel less focused on ourselves and increase the feelings of happiness.

3. Being kind and helping others is a far better way to live than the contrary- showing gratitude helps to increase that joy.

I want to thank all of those out there who shared experiences that they had of sharing kindness. Also, it’s been fun to see of our your quilts. And to those who did not finish a quilt YET, that is totally okay- keep on keeping on.

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