Getting your quilt top and backing ready for the long arm quilter is much easier when you know what to expect.

How much does it cost to finish a quilt?

It depends on the size and complexity of your quilt. My fee starts at $0.025 per square inch. Here is a simple guide to calculate a rough cost depending on your quilt's measurements:

If your quilt top is 70 inches x 80 inches, multiply 70×80 = 5600 square inches. Then, multiply 5600 inches by 0.02. So the cost for finishing a simple quilt that's 70 x 80 is $140.00.

If you would like customized work, the fee will increase as the detail required increases.

Is there a limit on the quilt size?

No. My long arm machine is 14 feet in length, and I can do any length.

How do I know how much batting to include?

Batting needs to be about as big as the backing (3-4 extra inches on each side of the quilt). I provide a wide variety of backings and will cut and prepare the batting for you. One less thing to worry about.

Do you have a ‘jump the line’ service?

I do have a rush fee of $75.

What is the turn-around time for a quilt?

A timeline is discussed at the intake meeting. I am straight forward with this. If there is ever any complication and the timeline needs to change, I will contact you.

Do I need to prepare anything on the quilt top?

If your quilt top has a lot of seams along the edge, it is a great idea to sew a ¼ inch stay stitch around the perimeter.

Also, indicate where the top of the quilt is if it is not obvious – for example, if it's a non-directional print.

I accept quilts in person or by mail in beautiful Nanaimo, British Columbia. If you live in the area, please call or email me to make an appointment using the information on my contact page.

I will email my shipping address to you. Pack your top in a plastic bag in case the package should get wet in transit. Always get shipping insurance. Your quilt is precious.

What do you do if there is problem with my quilt?

If there are any concerns about your quilt such as wavy borders, wrinkles, and excessive thread, I will contact you and we can discuss the options. I am very clear and up front about my pricing and services. You will never have any surprises when paying for the services rendered.

Do you have a minimum charge to finish a quilt?

I do. My minimum charge is $50 per quilt.

Do you have a delivery service?

If you are shipping your quilt to me for quilting, you are responsible for shipping costs both ways. I highly recommend purchasing shipping insurance for the quilt both ways. I do offer batting, so that can help reduce the price of shipping one way.

What size should my backing be?

If you are providing your own backing, it needs to be at least 4 inches wider on each side than the quilt itself. So, if your quilt top is 70 inches x 80 inches, your backing will measure 78 inches x 88 inches.

How do I prepare a backing?

If the backing needs to be pieced, make sure to use ½ inch seam. Assure that the grain of fabric is going in the same direction for both pieces. Iron the backing.

If you are going to use widebacks (which are super handy), please prewash them as they shrink more than quilters cotton.

If you would like to use a sheet, please check with me beforehand to verify if it will be a good fit.

Should I provide my own thread for the quilt?

No. I have a wide selection of high quality thread that I provide with my quilting services.

Anything else I need to know?

Other tips:

  • trim extra threads
  • check that the quilt top is square



A few frequently asked questions about my in person workshops.

Do I need to bring my own supplies?

What supplies you need depends on the workshop and the location. Please refer to your classroom notes for details. Usually all you really need is a paper and pen.

What is the difference between a lecture and a class?

Generally, a lecture is the instructor teaching and students have handouts and various activities. A class usually refers to hands-on activities. If in doubt just email me!

Will I get to quilt during the class?

This depends on the workshop. Read the class description carefully. If you are still unsure, just reach out to me in an email to ask any question.

How much experience do I need to take a class from you?

I took my first long arm class without owning a long arm. I have used my teaching skills to develop courses that can challenge all learners.



A few frequently asked questions about coaching with me.

What is coaching with you like?

How we do one thing is usually how we do all things. So although my area of expertise is in building long arm quilting business, I recognize that life is not in neat little packages (compartimentalized). My coaching expertise expands to topics such over-eating, relationships, money mindset, and self-coaching with a model that will solve any problem.

Who do you coach?

Coaching with me is a good fit if:

  • You are serious about your long arm quilting business.
  • You are willing to take action that is out of your comfort zone.
  • You are running a long arm business already and haven't seen the results that you would like.
  • You would like to make more money in your business and increase your client base.
  • You want more from your business but are unsure of how to get there.
  • There are big things that you want to do but have no clue how to get there.
  • You are willing to change your daily practices and actions to get different results.
  • You want to get clarity with the direction you're headed in your long arm business.

What results will I see from coaching with you?

You will get out of coaching what you put in. I have seen my clients' eyes light up, goals written down, and huge growth as they take massive action. But that result lies on you, the client. I am here to help and share what I know.

What will we talk about?

We can discuss any of the following.


Business & entrepreneur elements such as:

  • online business (list building, marketing, website assessment).
  • personal branding and style.
  • Instagram growth and engagement.
  • creative mindset and inspiration.
  • big dreams, intentional steps toward achieving goals.
  • creative direction.
  • and more.

Personal development such as:

  • overeating.
  • procrastination.
  • limiting beliefs.

How are coaching calls conducted?

Before the session I will send you a few questions so we are ready to make the most of our time together.

This is a 60 minute virtual (face to face) success session via Zoom meetings. Zoom is an easy and user friendly video meeting room platform.

A recording of our meeting will be available within 24 hours.

How can I book a call?

You can fill in a coaching application by selecting the "Get a Coach" link on my Work With Me page. If I think we're a good fit, I'll be in touch in a day or two to book a call.


Online Classes

A few frequently asked questions about my specialized online classes.

How different is it to learn online rather than in person?

One of the best reasons to learn online is that you can stop, rewind and rewatch.

What type of classes do you teach?

I teach a wide variety of free motion quilting designs such as feathers, swirls, pebbles, and a variety of fills. I also have a wide variety of classes to teach how to approach new ways to quilt. For example, using grids for quilting.

Are these classes only for long arm quilters?

I started out quilting on a standard, domestic machine. Even though now I specialize in teaching how to free motion quilt on a long arm, these skills can be translated to a domestic machine.

How do I know if this is the right fit for me?

Check out my YouTube channel to see my style of teaching. I am always happy to chat with you to get clarity on what you are looking for. I can help you know if it is the right fit.

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