Doodling Away Series: Pens

“Free Motion Quilting Challenge
Find the writing utensil that best suits you when doodling away. Try at least 3: pen, marker, fine tip. Report back either on Instagram, Facebook or here!”

— Stitched Quilting Co Free Motion Challenge

This challenge has been good for me because I tend to like one thing and don’t experiment, ‘if it’s not broke don’t fix it’. The problem with that logic is that there are better options out there. Also, any excuse to go to Dollarama gets me excited. So there are a few things I learned about pens I can share.

There are different pen tip sizes and flow of ink. I just got off the phone with a Uniball representative to learn more. I decided if you want to know all the details you could go to the website and spend hours. This blog post is just to help encourage you to try out different sizes of tips (ball size at the end of the pen) and ink types: gel or ink.

On the various packages you can see the numbers 0.7 and 0.5. Those are the ball sizes that control the flow of ink. Then there are fine and medium that are the amount of ink coming out.

There are less hand cramps with more flow of pen. The fine tip Crayola marker is a great one for practicing but the tip is not as fine for the detail work of some of my doodles. I used to love the 0.5 pens, but now that I have experimented I feel that the 0.7 mm pens allow more flow and less cramping while not comprising the detail work of the quilt design.

Just as a follow up from last Doodle Post, I too experimented with various sketch books. The problem with my favourite book is that it is LARGE and doesn’t easily fit in all my purses. So I tried this medium sized one. It has blank pages which I like and it is much more portable.

Having a creative mind and never knowing when inspiration will strike I am grateful to Holly Lesue for this adorable portable sketch book for the smallest of purses.

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