Day 9-Dara’s Life Liberated 31 Day Challenge Confidence

Day 9 Confidence

Do you think that confidence is just something that you are born with so if you don’t have it you are out of luck?

Well, confidence is a learned skill.

It’s true. We can all learn the skill of confidence in our lives.

My definition of confidence is that I can go into any situation and be okay. This doesn’t mean that I have to be the best at everything I do. It doesn’t mean that I have to knock everyones socks off with my talents. It simply means that I can go into any room or any event and be fine.

How do we gain confidence?

Where does it come from?

The dictionary definition of confidence is: a feeling or belief that one can rely on someone or something: firm trust.

Confidence comes from allowing ourselves to experience new things, apply problem solving strategies and know that we are enough.

One of the pitfalls with confidence is that we think that it needs to come from other people. Comments such as, “You’re house is so beautiful’, ‘you are such a good mom’, ‘you are a really great free motion quilter’. We think that our confidence comes from external things so confidence is grown from external promise.

This is a problem because we are relying on other people to help us feel confident. Can you see how this is a big fail? This is exhausting and not sustainable.

True confidence comes from us learning how to love and appreciate ourselves and giving ourselves love and accolades for the things that we have done well.

Internal confidence is long-lasting confidence that is constantly nurtured through applying all of these strategies that I am sharing all month long. For example, when you put your physical body first by getting it to bed on time you build internal confidence that you are a great steward for your physical body.

I have a rather lengthy video today giving lots of example and being pretty vulnerable with you all. We can not expect change or liberation if we aren’t willing to get venerable and work out the thoughts that aren’t really serving us well.

Remember a thought is just a thought we can decide if it is true and if it is serving us.

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