Day 30- Dara’s Life Liberated Challenge Impossible Goal

The topic for today is not what you would expect for a life liberated challenge because I am telling you to make an impossible goal knowing that you are going to fail.

In fact, I am telling you to plan to fail over and over with all of the small goals that you make to achieve the impossible goal. Does this sound all so very confusing? How is planning to fail liberating?

I argue that planning an impossible goal is extremely liberating. It is liberating because we are not pushing against the fact that the goal isn’t going to happen. We acknowledge that it is impossible and go ahead anyway pursuing it.

I share my impossible goal for 2020. 

I have made 25 goals in the first quarter to work towards in achieving the impossible goal. As I am working on accomplishing these I feel so liberated because I really have no idea if they will ever work out but I have fun trying. I am laughing and giggling as I am working on them- it really in fun.

What would be your impossible goal?

-Make a certain amount of money?

-Lose a certain amount of money?

-For my quilting friends, use up all of your stash?

-Go on a dream vacation?

In order to achieve that impossible goal, what are the steps along the way to achieve them?

What will your life look like when you achieve that goal? Write down what it would look like?

Who is the person you will become in order to achieve that goal?

Let’s go back memory lane. I want you to think back about a time in your life that you achieved an incredible goal. Close your eyes and rewatch the situation. Was it walking across a university stage? Was it getting the job you always wanted? Was it having a baby? Was it having a certain number on the scale?

Picture the sequence of events. What was the journey like getting there? How did you feel when you had the accomplishment? Think how your body felt. Use the emotional x-ray starting from your head through to your feet.

Allow yourself to soak it all in. Be still with that emotion. Breath deep into it. Memorize that emotion into yourself. This is incredible strength for you to allow your body to feel again.

Our brains can be rewired. There has been great confusion about the brain as we grow older. One of the prevalent beliefs is that the brain is hard wired. Modern technology has shown that our brains are constantly making new connections as we use our brains with new thoughts and ideals.

Furthermore our brains can’t tell the difference between an event that happened in reality or imagined (remember crying at the movies- feeling real emotion). So if we start to believe that it can come our brains can start to believe that it can happen. 

It can be argued that if we are creating our own limitations with our minds, then we can create our own successes with our minds also- WHAT! Mind blowing I know.

I shared with you my weight loss journey. I actually believed that I was not capable of losing weight because of menopause and bursitis in my hip that meant I could run anymore (my belief was the only way to be skinny is to run lots of miles a week). When I was able to shift my thinking and emotion to curiosity over a long period of time, I now weigh less than I thought was even possible. My thoughts of disbelief were holding me back. It was only when I was able to change my thoughts and emotions did my actions in get different results.

What kind of person gets the results of the impossible goal? What does she do in the morning? How does she dress? How does she talk to herself? What kind of activities does she do? We step into the next version of you. Isn’t that fun?

As I have been raising my kids I have really noticed that there are pros and cons of every stage they are in. I would often find myself saying things like, ‘I love this stage’, ‘this is my favourite stage’, but then they would grow a little older and I would recognize all the fun parts about that new stage. We will find in every stage when we are looking for it.

I encourage you to enjoy every phase and stage of your own development. When I look back at when I first started to quilt for hire I remember the excitement and anticipation of getting that quilt from the customer and being in awe that I was in a position to do this work. I also remember the dread of not getting the approval from them because of my inexperience. 

Let’s not forget that life is basically 50/50. There is opposition in all things. In order to have light we must have dark. 

Wouldn’t it be fun to take yourself on a date where you can be with yourself and play around with ideas for your impossible goal. If you are having a hard time deciding which one to choose here are a few ways you can decide. Flip a coin. Write them on pieces of paper and draw one. Play e-knee me-knee my-knee mo and which ever one you land on pick. Assign them numbers and have a friend pick a number.

It really can be that simple. Make a decision. Move forward. Live your best version of your life. 

When you decide, sharing is caring- tell me your goal and we can celebrate together. 

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