Day 25- Dara’s Life Liberated Challenge Writing As If

Day 25 Your Future Self and Writing as If

I recommend that you watch the video first before reading today.

I am really just scratching the surface here of what I want to talk about. 

Who is your future self? Isn’t it fun to just decide who you want her to be?

When I look at creating my future self I love to look at the best part of me and then start editing the parts of me that aren’t in alignment with who I am going to become.

What are limitations we believe we have that are holding us back? Remember that a belief is just a thought that we have over and over.

Our brains aren’t able to differentiate between reality and our thoughts. An example of this is when we cry when watching movies. We have a real emotion response to something that we are not experiencing. Pretty amazing notion right?

Today’s liberating concept really hit home to me when I was single. I had a lot of thoughts about how life ‘should’ be. There was a lot of resistance to how my life was and how I wanted it to become. So I share in the video how I actually did get married. The way it happened really was all possible when I was able to shift my thinking.

I invite you to take a few moments and think about all of the ‘shoulds’ right now in your life. I will give you a few examples: ‘my kids should not fight with each other’, ‘The kitchen should not be so messy’, ‘I should be able to eat whatever I want and not gain weight’, ‘I should have more time to myself’.

How do all these should feel? Are they serving you? Remember the analogy of trying to push down the beach ball under the water? How hard is it to always be pushing everything down?

When we can go to our future self we can become empowered to change. We accept the life that we have now. Then we can decide the future. When we consciously choose we can be more empowered to make decisions that will help us get there.

I have included the references from the video.

I am super curious about your reaction to my love story and to my challenge of being someone else describing your future self to a friend.

References from this challenge

Kim Klassen amazing podcast: Write Life Podcast

Joe Dispenza: medical doctor who shows how our brain actually physically changes when we change our thoughts

Today’s video

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