Day 24 Doodle Challenge

Doodle Challenge Day 24

Today’s challenge is Flower.

Do you feel like you are in grade 2? I totally remember being in school and gaining confidence in the various ways that I drew different flowers. It really was exciting for me to learn how to take different shapes and create new designs.

Think about your own progression when you started to really experiment with doodling flowers. Did you draw them in clusters? Did you draw them in different shapes and sizes? Did you combine elements?

So here are a few ways to doodle flowers. You can draw very detailed flowers whilst keeping the pen down. Or you can draw a series of flowers and have them connected. 

Don’t forget that the reason we are doodling is to develop muscle memory.

Can’t wait for you to share.

Don’t forget to tag me in your pics and use the hashtag #daradoodlechallenge.

I also have videos on Youtube giving you ideas for the doodles.

Stay tuned for Day 25 tomorrow.


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