Day 23-Dara’s Life Liberated Challenge Happiness

Day 23 Happiness Challenge

On a scale of 1-10 how happy would you say you are with your life?

Are you happy with your relationships with others? (1 very unsatisfied 10 extremely satisfied)

1    2     3    4     5     6     7     8    9    10

Are you happy with your relationships with you family?             

1    2     3    4     5     6     7     8    9    10

Are you happy with your home?

1    2     3    4     5     6     7     8    9    10

Are you happy with your relationship with your body?

1    2     3    4     5     6     7     8    9    10

Are you happy with your relationship with yourself?

1    2     3    4     5     6     7     8    9    10

These are just a few guiding questions to get your mind thinking about your relationship with happiness.

Two days ago we were talking about habits. Our habits effect our level of happiness.

There is a professor at Yale named Laurie Santos who noticed there was a dramatic increase in anxiety with her students. Yale attracts the top of the top students. In fact, as she started to research to help her understand this change, she noticed an increase in anxiety in general.

Her curiosity was peaked and she formulated a new program specializing in Happiness. It was such a hit that the first class was taught in the largest theatre the university has. This course has gained incredible press coverage as news reporters around the globe recognize the impact of such a course. I highly encourage you to check out the podcast and the course. (you’re welcome).

Let’s go back to the habits. What do you think are happiness habits?

Here are a few of mine:

-I tell myself different things that I appreciate about myself

-I buy special things from the grocery store that I really like for myself (fresh limes are my fave)

-I plan time for myself

-I am learning how to say no to things and be proud of myself

-I do my hair and put on make-up almost every day

-I don’t use food to make me feel better

-I laugh every day at least 5 times because I use humour and joy as a solution to conflict

Do you have any happy habits?

One of the main ways that I feel happy multiple times a day is that I am consciously looking for happiness throughout the day. When I do recognize the happy event I stop what I am doing, I take a few deep breaths into the joy of event. Allow the feeling to be in you. Own this. Recognition is key my friends.

One of my happiest moments with one of my sons was when we got the mail for the first time. There were so many adorable details that I will always cherish. It was a very everyday activity. This is where we become happier. We recognize the happy in all of the various events. It is such transformational work. The best result from doing this is that nothing external has to change- we need to live happiness internally first.

So here is a challenge for you to help you with happiness. You can decide how many times a day that you want to repeat this same activity.

Set your alarm.

When your alarm goes off I want you to think what is the last time you felt happy. 

-did you get 2 green lights and 1 red?

-did you walk without pain?

-did you go to the tap and have clean water?

-do you feel warm if it is cold?

These are some examples of simple ways we can be in the happy moment.

So this is your task.

  1. Set your alarm X# of time a day.
  2. When the alarm goes off think back to the most recent time you felt happy in that day.
  3. Articulate the moment of feeling joy.
  4. Take a few deep breaths into that joyful feeling. Soak that in.

Move forward throughout your day until the alarm goes off again.

Love to hear your happy moments throughout the day.



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