Day 17 Dara Doodle Challenge

Doodle Challenge Day 17

Today’s challenge is Feather.

One of the most iconic free motion quilting designs is feathers. However, there are so many different types of feathers- right?!?

SO here are some examples of typical feathers:

I do teach how to create feathers. It is a lot of fun developing this skill for others. SO for today’s challenge, I want you to decide what do you want to do?  When we feel overwhelmed we tend to shut down and do not make the effort so I have limited the choice if you wish. (you are welcome)

  1. Create traditional feathers
  2. Make variations of feathers
  3. Doodle something ‘like’ a feather. Create your own style.

How does this pic spur an ideas?

Can’t wait for you to share.

Don’t forget to tag me in your pics and use the hashtag #daradoodlechallenge.

I also have videos on Youtube giving you ideas for the doodles.

Stay tuned for Day 18 tomorrow.


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