Dara Tomasson Resiliency Series- The Quilt Patch by Tori

Dara Tomasson Resiliency Series Join Dara as she shares stories of strong women who have found resilience through quilting and share their stores. Dara is a life coach for quilters and has a strong belief that life coaching and quilting can go hand in hand. She has used her techniques to lose over 50lbs with no exercise and currently runs her own love yourself thin group which you can find out more about on her website www.daratomasson.com

Meet Tori Tori used to make quilts for others. When Covid struck she spent a lot of time making masks- lots of masks but decided that wasn’t fulfilling her creative need for quilting creativity. Tori is an awesome example of resilience as she shifted her business during Covid to help so many women find their creative voice. Tori’s desire to connect with other quilters spurred her to take an online course to see how to make money from quilting. Although Tori has a strong educational background with teaching elementary school with a masters degree in curriculum, diving into an on-line business was unchartered territory. She decided to invest in herself by taking an on-line course of how to build your business and go to work learning how to get her message out there. Instead of Tori having all of the fun of quilting for others, she is helping others learn how to experience the joy of quilting for themselves. She has a skill building block of the month that really walks you through the ins and outs of quilt making. She also has an awesome colour theory class. Tori is also having fun playing with technology to make fun reels and tik tok videos. Thanks for sharing your story and your quest to help more people have more fun with quilting and creativity from the comfort of their own homes.

To learn more you can find Tori here!

Instagram: @quilt_patch Website(for YouTube):


You can also learn more about her story in her blog post! https://www.thequiltpatchbytori.com/post/how-it-all-started

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