Dara Tomasson Resiliency Series – Dara Interviews Lee Chappell Monroe

Dara Tomasson Resiliency Series Join Dara as she shares stories of strong women who have found resilience through quilting and share their stores. Dara is a life coach for quilters and has a strong belief that life coaching and quilting can go hand in hand. She has used her techniques to lose over 50lbs with no exercise and currently runs her own love yourself thin group which you can find out more about on her website www.daratomasson.com.

How many of you have met my friend Lee from https://www.maychappell.com?

I had the privilege of hanging with Lee back in Quilt Market in April 2015 and October 2019. She is a hoot! Join the conversation as she describes how her life is different in ‘dark times’. It is fun to see how she was able to find her voice as she built community in different ways. One of the ways Lee has recovered quickly in her business that was primarily in person teaching was to take everything online. Although she is online, she keeps her class sizes small so that she can ensure the personal attention that learners need for growth. Lee is very detail oriented and will help you achieve the results you want. Although she misses hugs and the personal connection Lee knows that she can reach more people as there are many quilters who have restricted mobility and can not travel. You can connect with Lee over on her website or follow her on Instagram- be careful though she often makes very delicious cookies and posts them there!

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