Dara Tomasson Resiliency Series – Dara Interviews Jen Belnap

Dara Tomasson Resiliency Series

Join Dara as she shares stories of strong women who have found resilience through quilting and share their stores. Dara is a life coach for quilters and has a strong belief that life coaching and quilting can go hand in hand. She has used her techniques to lose over 50lbs with no exercise and currently runs her own love yourself thin group which you can find out more about on her website www.daratomasson.com.

Meet Jen Belnap https://thesmittenchickenblog.wordpre…​ Mom of 6 living just outside of NYC during the pandemic. Jen is a great example of being resilient as she moved her husband’s office into the garage, juggling kids with virtual schooling as she continued to prioritize her own quilting and creativity. I love how Jen’s dedication to creating has allowed her many opportunities to work with various quilting companies. Jen’s friend told her that he eats failure for breakfast. If you don’t ask, you won’t ever have the possibility of the outcome you want.

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