Dara Tomasson Resiliency Series- Dara Interviews Cheryl Sloboda

Dara Tomasson Resiliency Series

Join Dara as she shares stories of strong women who have found resilience through quilting and share their stores. Dara is a life coach for quilters and has a strong belief that life coaching and quilting can go hand in hand. She has used her techniques to lose over 50lbs with no exercise and currently runs her own love yourself thin group which you can find out more about on her website www.daratomasson.com.

Cheryl from http://muppin.com/wordpress/​ brings her very own twist to the quilting world. I remember going to one of her lectures back in 2016. She is informative and very inspirational. In 2019 Cheryl put 53,000 miles on her car as she drove across the country teaching and inspiring others to play with fabric, make costumes and even how to build a quilting business. She was actually in the middle of teaching at a quilting conference and they sent everyone home due to the pandemic!! Having spent so much time on the road, Cheryl was at a crossroads of how to serve her people. After some brainstorming and dedication, Cheryl painted her house, created a set, figured out how to film and produce content and just started to serve. She used Facebook to really connect with quilters and serve them. She took advantage of being home and started to create patterns and content. She has a Patreon page where you can learn from her and contribute to her online/at home business. Cheryl is a great example of recovering from difficult times. She even brought her husband on board as an employee to help her build her business. If you weren’t able to travel to attend one of Cheryl’s classes, you now can enjoy her classes from the comfort of your own home. In some ways staying home has been amazing as Cheryl has created so many new patterns and products for you to enjoy.

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