Light the World Day 6

I wanted to ‘light’ your mind with a really fun free motion quilting pattern. I have challenged myself to #lighttheworld every day as a lead up to Christmas.

If you wanted to join me on the challenge, I would love to hear what kind of things you did!

Jesus Read the Scriptures 

Some Ideas. Set your alarm 15 minutes early for scripture study. Post your favourite scripture on social media. Text a scripture to someone who may need a boost.

Yesterday for healing the sick our family has committed to shovel our neighbours drive. He had a horrible car accident and broke his wrist and suffered many cuts and bruises on both of his hands and arms. It was so awesome to see my 10 year old head over there to clear the snow after he got home from school. It was -30 with the wind chill. What a great kid. I was going to go with him but he told me he had it covered.

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