8 Inch Challenge Continued

In September I toke a colour values class from Cheryl Arkison This class challenged me to not be so ‘match-matchy’ all the time. I pulled fabric

Meet Blue

In May I had the opportunity to go to the Riley Blake Shop Owners Extravaganza and Quilt Market. Huge dream come true. I loved all

Stitched Quilting Community

One of the strongest draws to quilting for me is the impact that charity quilts can bring to someones life. I have really enjoyed quilting

Doodling Away Series: Pens

“Free Motion Quilting Challenge Find the writing utensil that best suits you when doodling away. Try at least 3: pen, marker, fine tip. Report back

Stitched Quilting Collections

Here is another awesome customer quilt. I may have jumped her up in the line because I knew snow was predicted and I wanted to

8 Inch Challenge

Starting a new project is like writing on the first page of a new sketch book, or wearing a new outfit for the first time.