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One of the strongest draws to quilting for me is the impact that charity quilts can bring to someones life. I have really enjoyed quilting for great causes like the most recent fires in Fort Mac here in Alberta, for Ronald McDonald House, for the Womens Shelter and many other wonderful and deserving charities. 

There is something to be said for a quilt that is given directly to the recipient. This past week end I was able to provide a quilt for a dear friend who is struggling through a very serious illness. Although I couldn’t personally deliver the quilt due to some restrictions out of our control, it was delivered by another dear friend. 

Usually when I do charity quilts, I organize a large group of women and there is a lot of training and collecting and organizing. Its a lot of work but I LOVE that collaboration and feeling of community I receive. Mass production of wonderful works.

There is something special about quietly producing a quilt for the sole purpose of lifting the others spirits, knowing that your talent, skill and love will impact them. When I made this quilt I had many recipients in my mind, but then never gave to them. It continued to sit on the shelf.

I don’t like quilts to sit, they are meant to be loved and used. For almost a year it has sat until this emergency. I am so grateful I had the patience with this. 

So my message here at Stitched Quilting Community… is to make quilts, have them ready and wait till the moments right. Have a few on hand. When’s the last time you ‘shopped’ from your stash? There are some lovely pieces of fabric you probably forgot you had. Go spend some time go through your beautiful fabrics, look through Pinterest and plan your project, make your project and wait till that time when a homemade quilt is needed and you will be so happy you had it done and ready.

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