Gotta Start Sometime…

Writing a blog involves commitment and continuity. Two ‘co’ words. My business is Stitched Quilting Co, where the ‘co’ is a lot more than the expected meaning ‘company’.

Co has many meanings such as: collective, collaboration, community, compassion, and conversations.

Building my wonderful quilting community within my community has been very rewarding. I thrive on our personal interactions.  Because these interactions were so meaningful, I never had the need to get on the web, however after tasting the joy of going to Quilt Market in Salt Lake City May 2016, my eyes were opened to the satisfaction of expanding my friendships. I also made some very significant connections that pushed me to do things I never thought possible. 

So I am here, sitting in my kitchen writing and committing myself to adding my perspective and contributing some of my ideas and projects to the many other quilting related blogs out there.  I have received much inspiration from others and now its my turn to share.

This blog will cover many topics, ideas and will share, collaborate and celebrate. I appreciate you spending some of your time to contribute to my quilting community.



Welcome to my community of quilting, free motion quilting and long arming.

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