#111: Weight Loss and Freebies

Weight loss and freebiesWhat happens when you open your mailbox and find all the junk mail? Do you simply discard them, or do you find excitement in the prospect of the free offers they contain? Today’s episode will delve into the concept that a free offer can hold a significance far beyond your initial expectations.

The face that something is free does not diminish its inherent value. Just as when you discover the ability to liberate and open up to yourself, dedicating more time to self-reflection and becoming your own closest companion, you have the potential to ignite profound personal transformation. The most challenging aspect lies in understanding that true happiness must originate from within, a journey only you can undertake. No one can do it for you.


Weight Loss for Quilters | Weight Loss and Self-Sabotage 

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What You’ll Learn from this Episode:

  • Your worth was determined before you were born
  • There is nothing you can do that takes your value away
  • Just because something is free, doesn’t mean it’s not of value
  • You are your own best expert

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  • If you are ready to lose weight and change the way you think, sign up for the lifetime access membership for Love Yourself Thin! Doors are open and you can find all the information by clicking here.
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Full Episode Transcript:

Dara Tomasson Podcast

111. Weight Loss and Freebies

When you open the mail and you have all the junk mail, what happens? Do you just throw it away or do you get excited about all the free offers they have? Well, today’s episode is talking about how you can have a free offer, but really have it mean so much more than you ever imagined. I’m Dara Tomasson and this is Love Yourself Thin, Weight Loss and Freebies.

Okay, so as a business owner, I love creating support and help for women even before they pay me a dime. That’s what I do with my podcast. That’s what I do with all these freebies. And in fact, one day I thought to myself, Dara, how many freebies do you have? How many of these offers? And I couldn’t believe it. I have so many. And it was, it’s so much fun for me to make them. I love creating content for all of you. And so as I went through it all, I was able to see what the freebies are that I already have. And then I thought, well, what freebies would I like to continue to offer to these amazing women? And so I have a lot of fun doing that. And in fact, I have the road trip guide that was really fun for me to make this summer. I also, at the beginning of the summer, I did an amazing menopause three-part series and my heart is so big and I see what a big change my life has made because I’ve applied these tools and I see what’s happening in the, the members of my program, and I just want to just share it all with you. And in fact, it was interesting just today I had a, a message from a lady on instagram who’s been following me, and we were talking about self-help books, and she said, you’re the only person I follow on the internet who talks about self-help. And I asked her why and she said, because you are an actual real person that provides so much value. And even though you’re selling something I never feel like I’m being sold to. And that was, in my opinion, that was a really big compliment because I am here to help you wherever you are. And of course, I would love you to be in my program because I just know what a wonderful community it is. And not only that, but the tools that you learn and the access to those tools and being able to have that kind of support in the group in the calls, like getting coaching from me and my coaches, it’s just a tremendous change.

So today I wanted to talk about the warning of a freebie. Now, there’s a couple of elements I wanna talk about today. The first one is just because it’s free doesn’t mean it’s good. So we, I don’t know about you, but remember when you had the cereal boxes and you used to have the prizes? Okay, those were free. But they weren’t that great. In fact, I have a similar version that I do for my kids every year. So I love the tradition of Christmas crackers and if you, it’s a British tradition, and I grew up my whole life on Christmas day, my mom would buy the Christmas crackers and they have little prizes in them and they usually have a joke. And then there’s a crown in each one. And then we wear the crown on our head and it’s a fun Christmas tradition. And they have little freebies in them, and sometimes they’re really good and other times it’s just junk. So just because it’s free doesn’t always mean it’s great. But I wanted to talk about this transformation that happened for me when something was free and I, I don’t want you to discount it. So I, I love to share my story because I feel like my story is, is so similar to so many of yours where you’ve tried so many times to lose weight. You have put your value on your weight. And so when you can’t figure it out and you feel so frustrated, you just feel really down and out. You feel really bad about yourself, your self-esteem is tied to the number on the scale, and it affects your confidence. So then you don’t feel as powerful to go and do certain things and put yourself out there. And so you, it’s very isolating. And I kind of describe it like you put yourself in jail and it feels really difficult and hard.

So the day that I was scrolling and I found the fabric designer offering a freebie, she said, I’m becoming a life coach and I have six free sessions that I wanna share. And I thought, is this gonna be like the, like fluffy stuff? It’s not free, she’s not gonna gimme the whole thing because it’s free. Like, what? What’s going on? But she genuinely, she needed some hours to submit for her certification. She needed to have some practice and even though I know that she’s a better coach now because she has so many more years under her belt, I thought about myself when I was first quilting for people. When I first quilted for people, my stitching was okay. But it wasn’t as good as it is now. But even then, what I was able to do for people was way better than anything they could even imagine, and they were very happy to pay me. Even like when I did charity quilts, the beginning, they didn’t pay me anything. I still created value for that quilt. I still was able to do something. And so I, I took a chance and I had six free coaching calls from her, and that’s when I, I just decided that I was gonna go all in. And I do these master courses where people come for four days or five days, and they’re pretty much free. I have a free Facebook group, and people can ask for help. I talk to them in different ways. But if you don’t interact, if you don’t ask for help, then you don’t get the transformation.

So this is my challenge. This is gonna be a short podcast today, but I want you to challenge yourself to take even this podcast. This podcast is free, and then you get the worksheets for free. And I had this really fun challenge in July and August where I even challenged the listeners, do five worksheets, submit them to me, and then I’m gonna put your name in a draw that that’s all free. It doesn’t cost you anything other than maybe printing off the paper or cost you time to put some thought into it, but just because that’s free doesn’t mean it’s not valuable. And just because you put money in and it doesn’t mean you’re gonna value it. And how does this relate to weight loss? How many of you only think that you are of value or of worth is if you weigh a certain amount? And even that you had to put a lot of work and effort into it. You had to grind it out. It had to be tough and hard.

I want to reiterate the number one principle that I teach over and over. Your worth as a person has absolutely nothing to do with the number on the scale. Your worth as a person has nothing to do with your education, with your accomplishments, none of it. Because your worth was already decided before you even we’re here. Just like a baby. There’s never a point where that baby wasn’t beautiful and perfect. Like when a baby is born, they’re perfect and they’re amazing, and you’re just an older version of that. There’s nothing you can do that takes your value away. And so I do want to challenge you as you think about this podcast episode about worth and value and having something be free, and this is what it comes down to, and we’re gonna be talking about this more and more, you are your own best expert. The only way for you to get true transformation is for you to figure out what works best for you. And so for you to truly create that kind of relationship with yourself, you need to be willing to go in and start talking to yourself. And guess what? That doesn’t cost you anything to become your own best friend, that’s free. You already have you. And for you to have the kind of life that you want, pretty much, it’s up to you to decide that life. It’s up to you to make those choices. Because this is the hardest part of all, your happiness has to come from the inside. Nobody can do it for you. Not even a life coach. Even though I’m an amazing life coach, I can’t do it for anybody. I can’t go into your brain and clean it all up and give you all the tools and insert the tools. Nope, I can’t. The only one that can do that for yourself is you. I can help you, I can guide you, I can direct you, but I can’t make you do it.

So I do wanna share this concept with you because, I have seen so many people, and myself included, I go all in, in buying a program and I get all excited and I’m super motivated, and then life happens and I feel discouraged or frustrated, and then I beat myself up. Even with a six weeks of free coaching, I just used those tools and I applied them and in fact, I used those tools over and over and over and just kept doing my self coaching and all of these things. And I was able to create so much. And it wasn’t until a year later that I was talking to this coach and she said, well, do you wanna work with me and I can help you even more? And I thought, yeah, let’s do it. And then I was able to see so much more progress because I had someone helping me. But even with that free help, it made all the difference. I’d lost at that point, I’d lost over 30 pounds and I just used those tools and I became so good at them, and I really started to learn how to be my own best friend.

So I do wanna encourage you with that. And I’m, I’m interested to hear what your feedback is on this. So just because it’s free doesn’t mean it’s not of value and when you learn to be more free with yourself, more open with yourself, and spend more time with yourself and become your own best friend, just like we did in the month of July in Love Yourself Thin, which is all available on the replay, and it’s such a good workbook, it’s such a good resource for you. You really, truly can create so much transformation for yourself. And it would be such an honor to be your coach, to help you to create all of that. I’d love to hear your takeaways from this episode. You can email me, [email protected], or you can find me on social media. I love connecting with you over there. All right. Take care everyone. Bye-bye.

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